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How to recruit overseas staff in Australia

Is your business struggling to find qualified staff in Australia? You might consider recruiting overseas staff to work in Australia. We’ll explain some of the basics for recruiting overseas staff, including how you can become a 457 Visa Sponsor, 457 Visa Sponsors obligations, and where to advertise jobs for 457 Visa holders.

Becoming a 457 Visa sponsor for overseas staff in Australia

If your business wants to recruit overseas staff in Australia (ie workers who are not Australian citizens or Permanent Residents) you will need to apply to the Department for Immigration and Border Protection as a Standard Business Sponsor. You will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a lawfully operating business.
  • Meet training requirements (Australian businesses only).
  • Agree to the number of subclass 457 workers to be nominated, if applicable.
  • Have no relevant adverse information against your business.
  • Australian businesses must also demonstrate their commitment to employing local labour as well as non-discriminatory recruitment practices.

Check out our guides on jobs eligible for 457 Visa Sponsorship, minimum salary levels for 457 sponsorship, and 457 Visa restrictions.

There are 3 different pathways to recruit overseas staff in Australia. They are:

Choosing the correct pathway to recruit overseas staff in Australia will depend on the qualifications and experience of candidates, where they will be working, and whether they wish to relocate to Australia permanently. A qualified migration agent will be able to provide guidance on which pathway is best for your business.

Recruit overseas staff

If you’re planning to employ 457 Visa holders or directly recruit staff from overseas to come to Australia, you’ll need to recruit suitable staff. 457 Visa Jobs Australia operate a Visa Jobs Database containing thousands of candidates. We also advertise jobs through our blog. Contact us to advertise job vacancies on our site for free or find highly-qualified workers on the Visa Jobs Database.

You can also advertise on popular job boards.

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