Minimum Salary for 457 Visa Sponsorship


The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) sets a minimum salary 457 Visa holders. This means that you must earn equal to or more than this figure to be eligible for a 457 Visa. This might include benefits under your contract of employment, but does not include superannuation.

The Australian Government set this limit and may amend or change it at any time. The limit is in place to ensure that all 457 visa holders have sufficient income to independently provide for themselves in Australia. The rules mean that 457 Visa holders do not impose undue costs on the Australian community or find themselves in circumstances which may put pressure on them to breach their visa conditions.

Base Minimum Salary 457 Visa Holders

Standard business sponsors are required to pay their overseas workers the market salary rate. For any position where the market rate for the position is less than $53 900, the position cannot be nominated under the subclass 457 Visa program. This means that you can’t be sponsored for a job where the market rate of pay is lower than the threshold, even if your employer is willing to pay you more than the threshold.

The minimum salary for different jobs under the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List is decided by the Australian Government. This is decided at their discretion. The requirement is that the minimum salary 457 visa sponsorship must be equivalent to that which would be paid to an Australian worker for doing the same job. DIAC must also be satisfied that the ‘terms and conditions of employment’, including remuneration, are at the same rate and equivalent for both Australian workers and sponsored overseas workers.

This is to prevent 457 Visa holders being paid less than the market rate or being exploited by employers.

The Australian Government has the powers to impose substantial penalties if an employer is not satisfying their obligations under the minimum salary 457 Visa holder.

To find out if you can sponsor employees or can be sponsored, you should speak to a reputable registered migration agent.

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