Find a Migration Agent Australia

Find a Migration Agent Australia

We recommend that you always use a migration agent Australia when you apply for a 457 Visa, 402 Visa, or Permanent Residency Visa.

Why do we recommend using a Migration Agent?

It is possible to complete and submit your own application for a visa, but we recommend using a registered Migration Agent in Australia. This is because the process can be quite complex and the fees are considerable: You don’t want to get it wrong! Check out our Australian visa fees for more information on Australian visa fees. LINK REQ.

Using a reputable migration agent Australia will ensure that your application is simple, hassle-free, and more likely to be successful. A registered migration agent is qualified to give immigration assistance, which includes lodging your visa application or applying to the Migration Review Tribunal for review of a visa decision.

You should never use an unregistered migration agent.

How do I find a Migration Agent in Australia?

The Australian Government Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) have some useful guidance on finding a Migration Agent Australia. The easiest way to find a list of registered migration agents in Australia is to use the MARA Register of Migration Agents. If you have friends or family who have applied for an Australian visa, ask them about their experience and if they would recommend their migration agent. Similarly, you can check online and on expat forums for recommendations and general advice.

Meeting a Migration Agent

Once you’ve managed to find a migration agent Australia, you’ll need to book a consultation. This may be face to face or over the phone. It’s worth thinking about what questions you might have in advance and writing them down (so you don’t forget to ask!).

A reputable migration agent will be able to explain costs, timelines, and prospects of success for your Australian visa application.

You may wish to ask your migration agent about:

  • advice about visa options?
  • help to lodge a particular type of visa?
  • advice on a particular type of visa?
  • an agent who is also a lawyer (legally qualified)?
  • an agent who speaks your language?
  • advice about issues such as education?

Next steps

Find a registered migration agent australia

Don’t be a monkey: Use a registered migration agent!

Once you’ve had a consultation with a registered migration agent, you should have a clear understanding of your next steps and pathways for applying for an Australian visa. If you weren’t 100% satisfied with the answers you got, no worries; just find another registered migration agent and book in for a consultation with them! Some visa agents offer ‘bargain’ pricing. We’d always recommend choosing a migration agent based on their service and reputation rather than cost; as the old saying goes, ‘you pay peanuts, you get monkeys‘.

Give your visa application the best prospects of success; use a reputable migration agent Australia!


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